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If semi-precious stones have their own cache of best kept secrets, then one of them is definitely Larimar, an extremely rare precious stone that has only been found in one very small location on the planet, a remote mountain range of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.         

Is Larimar Hard

The hardness of larimar is from 4 to 7 on Mohs scale, depending on the crystalline structure of the stone. Generally the more intense blue and green specimens of larimar are the hardest, as they have the finest and densest needle structure. Larimar has been shown to be wearable everyday, with simple gemstonet hat have stood the test of everyday wear.

How to grade Larimar

Once the raw larimar stones have been mined it is very difficult to differentiate the various qualities larimar. From the outside a stone may appear to be of good quality, only to be cut open and expose an interior of worthless host rock. so the first step of grading is to always cut open the rocks and see what is inside.

There are several factors which affect the grade of larimar, such as color, patterning, luster, luminosity and inclusions. Generally the bluer tones are the most desirable, but because every piece of larimar will contain slightly different hues, color saturations, and markings it is necessary to assess a combination of several factors. Generally speaking, the smaller the stone is cut, the lighter the color becomes, so the larger pieces usually have deeper color and more clear patterns.


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