In 1974, at the coast of Barahona, Norman Rilling, a member of the American “Peace Corps” in company of the Dominican Miguel Méndez, finds blue pebbles at the stony beach of Barahona at the west coast of the Dominican Republic. As they start searching upstream the Baoruco river, they find the mine again. In 1975, the exploitation starts and now you will find about 2000 or more digging holes reaching far into the mountain.

Very little safety measures are being taken and an unknown number of miners found their grave in the holes and tunnels.

In rainy and hurricane season the holes are filled with water and the outcrop is rather scarce.

The real blue material is not always found, dealers depend on what is available. The increasing demand of souvenirs in tourism high seasons also reflects on the price. And: the hanging Damocles’ sword is the question for how long Larimar will be found and when the only known Larimar mine in all the world will be exhausted.