There is so much more to know about Larimar than just that it is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world.

First of all it's one of the most rare, too! LARIMAR is found in only one place in the world - one square kilometer (approximately 1/2 square mile) in the mountains above Baoruco in the Dominican Republic where are spend out time to get the best there every weekend. 

LARIMAR is volcanic stone, the result of volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago! it's a form of pectolite, and although pectolite is found in a nealy every hemisphere, more none have the unique volcanic blue coloration of larimar. 

Pectolite is normally gray or white, yet pectolite from that one location in the world is beautiful blue sky pectolite - that which we know and love as Larimar!

It is awe-inspiring to ponder tha fact the series of events that created this beautiful wonder have only occurred one time, in one place throughout the history of the world! 

Larimar's beautiful colors mirror the blue sky and the white shades of the ocean and the sky. No two stones are alike each pieces is unique, with its own natural beauty. 

But the beauty of Larimar is in the beholder. Its colors vary from the lightest sky blue of the darkest of ocean blues, When picking the right larimar piece for you - whichever piece moves you is the right and best piece of Larimar. 

Larimar is also called the Dolphin Stone and most recently has been called the Lucky stones especially after a woman, down on her luck, bought a Larimar ring or necklace ended up meeting she soul-mate and then winning the lottery! (Your results may vary!

Larimar is considered a healing stone and said to be finely tuned to the human body particularly to the throat area. It is said that it increases speech and communication and skills and supports the body's natural healing process. Persons believing in this have been known to wear Larimar Jewelry or to put pieces of Larimar in their pockets or unders their pillows. Larimar Is also called the Atlantis Stone, because a Spiritua master who lived in Trinidad and Tobago and who founded many Yoga Centers across the world, claimed that some islands in the Caribbean including the Dominican Republic were part of the lost Atlantis. He wnet further to say that on one of those islands a blue stones with the healing powers would be found- a description that corresponds to Larimar.