Larimar cut pieces 1kg

Price: 125,00 USD
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price per kg

Price: 95,00 USD
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Larimar unpolished pre cuts

Price: 42,50 USD
Larimar Unpolished Pre cuts This lovely, rare and spectacular mineral gem called Larimar is a blue pectolite found in the Dominican Republic. The attractive color of this stone makes an excellent material for any kind of idea you may have, perfect for a special occasion.This Semi-Precious Stone is attaining an important worldwide recognition, for its rarity and the beauty of its coloring. These Larimar Unpolished Precuts comes directly from the Dominican mines and we have separated in smalls lot of 100 grams. Sizes runs from 15 mm to 40 mm

Price per kg.

Price: 85,00 USD
Mix order 5 kg. include shipping, But you can buy as much as you wish to buy.

Larimar pieces tumble stones for 35 grams

Price: 10,00 USD
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Larimar rough price per kg

Price: 90,00 USD
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Per kg

Price: 80,00 USD
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larimar rough stones

Price: 155,00 USD
Shipping include. Weight per tub is 1kg a piece

pieces 100 grams just for

Price: 9,00 USD

Larimar Round Bead

Price: 5,00 USD
Size are from 5mm to 9mm if you want bigger size please email us so that we can make them for you. weight of those size from 1.9 grams to 2 grams. If you want with hole please let us know.

Larimar beads

Price: 3,20 USD
Size are from 5mm to 11mm If you want bigger please email us.