AAA amber. price per gram

Price: 2,25 USD
From this quality piece weight from 45grams to 60grams.

yellow amber

Price: 9,00 USD
Yellow amber great price per piece

price per grams

Price: 2,00 USD
price per gram.

1 1/2 of blue amber.

Price: 2,10 USD
Size are from 10 grams and 25 grams. Price are include shipping with UPS.

1 Cylinder yellow Amber Earrings

Price: 5,75 USD
small, yellow amber earrings with silver. Natural hooks amber. A BEAUTIFUL EARRINGS MADE OF GENUINE BALTIC AMBER AND STAMPED 925 FOR STERLING SILVER.

Deep blue amber great price

Price: 2,00 USD
Size from 10 gms to 60 grams a piece Price is include shipping

price per kgram

Price: 3,10 USD